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Opening Old Document Files

I was looking through old files, and I opened a “Works 4.0 95/Works Word 97″ document to see what I’d find inside. (I always used Works instead of Office.) It opened up in WordPad, with nothing but jibberish. This I expected. I wasn’t concerned about this because I still have my desktop computer & the old software discs that can still open and read these files. So I have the ability to save them to “Works Suite Word 2003,” and that file I can open on the new laptop and save to “Office Word 2010.” (I believe I’ve already updated the old files to the latest software anyways and saved them to new files.)

Anyhoo, I got a pop up that said I had apps that I could use to open these types of files if I wanted, so I clicked on LibreOffice. And I got a ‘Read Only’ perfect file. No jibberish. And so I saved it as a new file that I could work in. I thought I’d share this information in case it would work for others too. (I also use “Publisher,” and have old files of it as well. LibreOffice will open those too. They will be in the ‘Draw’ section of the program.)

I wasn't able to open the 'Read Only' LibreOffice file in Word 2010, but I could open the new file I had saved with LO. And I then saved it as a Word 2010 file. (It seems I didn't save all of the old files to new files like I thought I had, so I will do that now that I can use LO to open and save them to a new file. Best to do that before LibreOffice is no longer able to open them, and before my desktop bites the dust.)

Hopefully others will be able to reopen old files they have sitting around, and hadn’t thought to update over the years.


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